Entering a phrase to speak

The Phrase to Speak is the text that TTSAutomate will turn into a WAV and/or MP3 file using the selected TTS provider and voice

To enter a Phrase to Speak, click twice (not double-click) in the ‘Phrase to SPeak’ column for the phrase that you wish to generate.

The first click selects the cell, the second click allows you to edit the cell contents.

Note that when the Folder, Filename or Phrase to Speak has changed (or if the TTS provider or Voice is changed), the ‘Play’ button will change to ‘Preview’

Selecting ‘Preview‘ will re-generate the WAV and/or MP3 file with the new information.

Pressing ‘TAB’ on yout keyboard will move to the next row in the list of phrases. If you have ‘Copy previous folder when inserting rows‘ turned on, then TTSAutomate will pre-fill the same folder name on the new phrase.