Installing the software

Download the software in one of the following formats:
The software is Installed as per any other software on your PC, and the .PSV (pipe separated variables; your lists of phrases) filetype is associated with the software, meaning you can double click on a PSV file to open it in the software
All files are contained in the same location, making it easy to move the software. This is useful if you want to put the software on a USB stick for example.

Once you have downloaded your preferred version, then the downloaded file should be unzipped (Windows handles this natively, or you can use a program such as WinZip or 7Zip to access the files).
The portable version can be run immediately by double clicking on the TTSAutomate.exe file in the unzipped folder.
The installer version can be installed by double clicking on the Setup.exe file, and following the instructions that are then presented. Once installation is complete, then the software can be run by double clicking on the TTSAutomate shortcut on the desktop.

Generating your first sound file

TTSAutomate uses TTS (Text To Speech) providers to turn your written text phrases into audio files. The TTS providers are either online (and hence require an active internet connection), or local to your PC (no internet access required)
The local TTS providers you may have available to you depend on your version of Windows. Some additional TTS voices may also be downloadable.
The default TTS provider used by TTSAutomate is Amazon Polly. It is an online service that has very high quality voices, and also supports additional functionality over the other providers (such as SSML)

Choosing a TTS provider and Voice

On the main TTSAutomate window, the available TTS providers are listed in the 'TTS Provider' drop down on the right side.
Note that each provider has a suffix of 'Local' or 'Web' to indicate whether the service requires an internet connection.
Each TTS provider suports a number of 'voices'. A voice may take the form of a supported language, or in the case of Amazon Polly, a character with a supported language and gender.
When a new voice is selected, the TTSAutomate software will announce the new voice, using that voice. This gives a quick idea of how the voice sounds.