Download TTSAutomate here



Automatically generate dozens of wav and (optionally) MP3 files in seconds from a list of your phrases



TTSAutomated is provided without charge, and there is no charge for its use.



Available in English, French, Portuguese, German, Slovakian and Czech. Accented characters are also supported, allowing natural sounding voices

Configurable Output.

How will you use it?

Select how you want your WAV and MP3 files, including sample rate and bits per sample.


Portable or Installed.

Choose for yourself.

Portable allows you to move the software around anywhere you'd like, settings are retained within the program folder. Installed associates 'PSV' files with TTSAutomate, so you can double click them to open.

Download TTSAutomate here


Would you like to help support TTSAutomate?

There's no obligation.

Whilst TTSAutomate is provided without cost, the underlying TTS services do cost money. If you would like to assist in keeping TTSAutomate free and available, you may purchase one of the support options here using PayPal.

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